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relying on facebook for your website disadvantages

4 Risks of Relying On Facebook To Be Your Website

By Ashley Longmire | Oct 29, 2017

Have you ever said, “We don’t have a website, but you can find us on Facebook!” You’re not alone. Around 30% of businesses (that do not have a website) count on social media for their web presence. And why not? It’s free, right? Why pay for a website when you can use Facebook or Instagram…

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Are You Trying to Offer Everything to Everyone?

By Ashley Longmire | Oct 4, 2017

“Who fixes hot water heaters?” Our Saturday morning started out pretty calm and positive. Jay and I hit Walmart before 8am to pick up a few supplies for our weekend: needle and thread to fix some clothing issues, notebooks to start tracking our food and fitness better, and a hula hoop because we could all…

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